Salt Lake City, UT - The initial reaction from a focus group composed of ten undecided male voters was unanimous: Mike Pence won the debate.

"Hands down," said Bob Tills, a twenty-something electrician who said the economy is his number one issue. "He didn't let up on the court packing question, he made the case for Trump's COVID response, and provided a roadmap for the economy. He crushed her."

The other members of the group all agreed that "it really wasn't even close."

However, just moments after declaring Pence the winner, the group received a surprise visit from Kamala Harris, herself.

"If you think Mike Pence won, I'd like to see if I can change your mind," she said to the group. "One by one, in the back of the room over there."

Although Mr. Tills, like the others, was "pretty sure that nothing Ms. Harris could say would change his opinion," he wanted to keep an open mind and joined the vice presidential hopeful behind a stack of boxes at the rear of the room.

"I don't know what debate you guys were watching," Tills said a few minutes later when he came out from behind the boxes smoking a cigarette. "But my girl killed it."

Suddenly, it seemed, the others were ready to re-think their assessment.

"I'm on the fence," said one man as he ran behind the boxes.

"I can't really decide," called another, forming a line.

"Help me make up my mind."

"Pence sucks!"

"I'm horny!"

By the end of the night, the group had come to a very different conclusion than they had at the outset: Kamala Harris was the clear winner.