CNN's Chris Cuomo, hired due to the fact that his older brother is the Governor of New York, has challenged President Trump to a bench press contest.

Cuomo, who criticized the president for removing his mask although more than 100 feet from another human being, even though he, himself, famously invaded others' personal space while COVID positive back in March, stated: "He's not stronger than me. That's bullshit. I'll put the challenge out there right now."

He then tweeted the following, to which President Trump wasted no time in responding.

The president's personal physician, however, is not on board with the idea and points out that this is not at all like the pushup contest that Joe Biden recently engaged in where Biden competed against "another old guy that couldn't tell you what day of the week it is."

But others, like CNN's Don Lemon are anxious for the event and "can't wait to see Chris' pecs ripple, flex, and glisten with sweat."

"Mmmm," he said, biting his lower lip before swallowing hard and excusing himself from the room.

According to sources, details of the competition are being worked out.

Check back for details as they unfold.