The Biden campaign, having difficulty getting the word out about the near-daily lids they call, has created "iLids," an app to help their supporters stay in-the-know.

"It's tough," said Tommy Milkey, high school freshman and the campaign's technical specialist. "You want to let everyone know at once but we find our audience is kind of fractured in terms of where they get their information."

The numbers underscore Milkey's assessment. According to a source inside the campaign, about twelve supporters get their information from MSNBC or CNN and another six or seven from social media. The remaining 10% rely on old-fashioned word of mouth.

The app, which can be downloaded from the App Store (Android version is not yet available) has generated excitement among the former vice president's base.

"I think it's a great idea," said Sally Fungle, who spent about thirty minutes trying to find the app only to give up without realizing that Apple has listed it under the "Potential Scam" category due to the small number of downloads. "I'm going to see if my grandson can find it for me when he gets back from some boat rally."

Although the app is an important step in Biden's communication, which even supporters agree is "full of a whole shitload of nonsensical mumbling," current reviews haven't been quite as positive.

Still, the campaign is pushing forward.

"We're committed to sending out our daily 9AM notice," said Milkey. "We don't want people thinking that Mr. Biden will be out and about when it's just not going to happen."