A whistleblower that works for a high-ranking Democrat has alleged that staffers have been physically and mentally abusing an old man who, he says, may even be in the middle to late stages of dementia.

"It's sick," said the whistleblower, who asked that both he, and his boss, remain anonymous because "the ice-cream benefits at this gig are sweet, no pun intended."

"Poor old guy doesn't even know where he is most days and he's got a dozen people yelling in his face: 'No stupid, say it this way!' or 'What the fuck's wrong with you, old man?' or 'Get it right this time or I'm throwing you off the Golden Gate!"

The victim's identity, however, was not revealed due to both privacy reasons and the fact that there is an election in the coming weeks. But, according to the congressional aide, the "pathetic old man" is "locked in his basement like a veal in a cage" and only brought up when the abusers want to drive him around the local community and prop him up in front of a small group of people to be laughed at and mocked.

"Ever see a freak show at a carnival?" asked the anonymous source. "Instead of bearded ladies and midgets, you've got this."

What really pulls at the heartstrings, says the California congresswoman's aide, is when they make him try to stand and walk, which he can do no better than "a newborn calf with legs all shakey and wobbly."

Ever see a freak show at a carnival? Instead of bearded ladies and midgets, you've got this.
- whistleblower

And when the physical demands of the campaign trail are too much for the anonymous victim, staffers just "toss him around like a piece of luggage."

"It's all about keeping to the schedule. If they get impatient waiting for him to shuffle over to the car, they just grab him by the belt and drag him."

It is not yet confirmed how high up the chain of command, or how widespread, the knowledge of this abuse goes, but the secretive staffer is confident that "by now, pretty much the entire country has seen it and that Pelosi is definitely aware."

"Aware? Shit," said the whistleblower, "who do you think wants to throw Biden off the Golden Gate?"