A new craze, "The Nadler Challenge," has taken the country by storm. The rules are simple: poop your pants, and then see how far you can walk before someone notices.

"It's not as easy as it looks," said 11-year-old Tommy, who dumped in his jeans and then walked about 50 feet as if nothing happened. That was enough to beat his neighbor, Billy, who only made it to the end of the driveway before their friends caught on.

The trick, the kids say, is to wear tighty-whiteys and jeans--no boxers and no shorts. Otherwise, you end up doing what has been dubbed "The Nadler Shuffle."

"It's a total giveaway," said Tommy. "Once you start doing the shuffle, it's so easy to see you shit your pants."

"Hey, watch your mouth," said Tommy's dad before explaining that he's received at least a dozen Nadler Challenges on Facebook.

"It's not just for kids anymore," he said, "I got a private message from an old girlfriend who challenged me. I'm considering it."

But not everyone succumbs to the allure of "The Nadler Challenge." Moms, in particular, are hoping it's simply a passing fad, mostly due to the fact that they are the ones stuck doing the laundry.

"Gross. It's just gross," said Tommy's mother, Amy, who then wanted to know "who the fuck is messaging my husband?"

Only time will tell if the "The Nadler Challenge" is here to stay but, for now, kids across America are crapping their pants, just like Congressman Jerry Nadler.