Scott Pressler, the energetic conservative patriot who has made a name for himself cleaning up cities across America, recently cleaned and scrubbed left-wing propagandist, Michael Moore.

"It was a unique project," said Presler, who helped defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and is working tirelessly to register voters for President Trump's 2020 re-election. "But what's life without a challenge?"

That optimistic attitude is exactly what Presler needed as, right from the start, #ThePersistence, the organization through which he spreads his message of love and inclusiveness, was faced with obstacles.

According to Presler, the start of the process is a sit-down with authorities to determine the blocks and sections his group will clean. They also need to get an understanding of local ordinances and iron out any potential legal issues.

"But how do you do that with a human?" he asked. "To be honest, we were scratching our heads a bit on this one."

That's when the state of Michigan, where Moore resides, stepped up and gave the radical communist his own zip code.

"It's an idea we had been toying with for a while," said Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan who has kept her state locked down in an effort to destroy the local economies with the hope of preventing President Trump's re-election. "With Scott coming in and looking to clean him up, we fast-tracked it."

Once the postal code was assigned to Moore, the multimillionaire who denounces capitalism, it was smooth sailing.

"After that, everything fell into place for us to get started," said Presler. "And he'll probably get his mail faster, too."

Once the postal code was assigned to Moore, it was smooth sailing.
But the problems didn't end there. Jeff Wilkins, who has volunteered to tidy up a number of cities, signed on for the Moore cleanup as well, and admits that this may be his last time.

"Holy. Freaking. Shit," said Wilkins, "You think San Fran or South Philly were dirty? I'd eat out of a Manhattan dumpster before scrubbing this filthbag again."

The worst part, says Wilkins, is that Moore was "a complete and total dick the entire time" as the team "scrubbed the S.O.B. in places he probably hasn't seen since middle school."

But Presler took it all in stride.

"In the end, we did our job and spread some love. What more can you ask for?"