In response to the candidates' constant interrupting during the first presidential debate of 2020, the Debate Commission has decided to take bold action for the next two scheduled bouts.

While some have called for flashing lights or disabling microphes, officials say that such high-tech options are not neccessary and they plan to simply stuff a sock in the candidate's mouth if they keep "spewing bullshit past their allotted time."

"All that interrupting was just rude," said a spokesman. "Next time, they're going to shut their pie holes or we're going to shut it for them."

But President Trump doesn't necessarily agree that getting rid of interruptions is a good idea. "Joe Biden lied," he said. "And I'm not going to let him get away with it."

The former vice-president, who's performance enhancing drugs have since worn off, was a little less sure. "I debated? How'd it go?"