New York, NY - Earlier today, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio decreed that "all citizens must cease and desist circulating" pictures of his daughter, such as the one shown below.

The image in question is a mugshot taken during a Manhattan protest, during which DeBlasio's daughter was arrested.

"I just don't think should be circulated," said the the worst mayor in NYC history."

According to multiple sources, the sharing of is something that DeBlasio has been trying to suppress for quite some time.

"He hates ," said a staffer. "Literally hates it."

But while residents of New York, the city he has run into the ground and turned into a literal dystopia, continue to share , there is some good news. Google, in support of the mayor, does not show the following image of his daughter--even when the specific search "DeBlasio daughter on subway" is used.

"I want to thank Google," said the man whose wife "lost" 850 billion dollars of taxpayer money. "There is no need for people to be passing around, laughing at it like she is some kind of freak."

In addition, this image is almost virtually impossible to find online anymore:

*Editor's Note*: The Pennyman Post is working to ensure that it complies with the mayor's request. All images of Mr. DeBlasio's daughter, whether or or will be taken down when we get a chance to review our content. But, we're really really busy at the moment. In the meantime, we hope that our readers don't share this article on social media."