Joe Biden got testy with a member of the audience in a Never Forget-themed, social-distanced campaign event. The incident occurred after a man asked Biden, if he were elected, how he would honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Upon hearing the question, the former senator and vice president, who has been enriching his family and friends through his public service for decades, grew angry when he apparently forgot that the number eleven exists.

"Listen, Jack," said the likely pedophile who once beat up a figment of his imagination named Corn Pop. "Who sent you here? Trump? I know there ain't no number 'leven.'"

"Eleven," the man repeated slowly with clear diction just to be sure he hadn't mumbled the way Biden, himself, often does. "September eleven."

That's when the Democratic nominee's anger approached "get off my lawn!" levels. "You're nothin' but a pony on a dog's shoulders... soldier... uh, a pony riding a doghorse... soldier and pony show... horse... you know the thing."

"Screw this, old man!" said the registered Democrat as he flipped Biden the bird and started toward the exit.

"You walk out that door, then... you ain't black," Biden yelled.

"I'm not black, asshole!" said the likely voter who only entered the event because he was passing by and saw no line.

After regaining his composure, Biden apologized to the other person in the room and asked if she had any questions.

"Yes. Please explain a comment you made some time back," the woman said, "that without an Indian accent, a person can't go into a Dunkin' Donuts or Seven-11."

"Seven what?" asked the perpetually perplexed politician who is promising to fix the problems he has helped create for five decades. "You ain't black either!"

"Yes, I am," the woman said, pointing to her forearm.

Confused, Biden stared off into the distance and hummed "London Bridge."