Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist ex-bartender who is the new voice of the Democratic Party, has sent rice in a letter to President Donald Trump.

"I saw on TV that some Canadian lady sent him rice in a letter," said the woman who has made a laughingstock of economics degrees from respected universtities. "While I applaud her attempt to end the life of someone that she doesn't agree with politically, Canadian might as well be a whole different country. It's just physically impossible that the letter could ever make it onto our shores."

That's when the activist in her kicked into high gear and she decided to "take the baton to the next level."

However, Ocasio-Cortez made it very clear that she is not the "expert on rice," putting "rice" in air quotes. But I'm not an idiot," said the congresswoman who's IQ may, in fact, be higher than what a clinical psychologist would technically categorize as an idiot. "I know it's full of carbs. And for an old guy like Trump, that's really bad stuff."

When it came time to select what kind of rice to send, the congresswoman was faced with a plethora of options: wild, basmati, brown, jasmine, and many others. But, she said, the choice was "a total no-brainer, so I was able to make the pick easily."

She went with white rice "for obvious reasons."

"You know, racism, colonialism. Just whiteness in general. I thought it would be symbolic."

After placing uncooked rotini (which she claimed is made from rice) in the envelope, Ocasio-Cortez composed the letter. She was careful not to use her own handwriting, so that it couldn't be traced back to her. Instead, she carefully cut out letters from old magazines, spelling "Enjoy yor [sic] rice, LOL," and pasted them onto her official "U.S. House of Representatives" letterhead.

She then shared a video with her millions of followers on social media of her mailing the envelope.

At press time, President Trump was enjoying a bowl of rotini.